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Aii Group

Started in 2013 to provide meaningful, and safe youth travel programs to International youth, families and corporates

Agency for Volunteer Travel

Aii Group was founded in 2013 to serve the international student community by providing safe, affordable, and full of adventure trips in India and Nepal. We served more than 300+ students in the first year of our foundation on various travel programs like Youth Trips, Volunteer Programs, Internship Programs, and Cultural Programs as well. Now we are a Global team with our global reach to provide global travel opportunities to International students, Universities, Couples, Families, and Corporate groups.

Our mission & vision is to create the trips in a way that is affordable, culturally enriched, knowledgable, and full of adventure and experience that can enhance and put a positive impact on the skills, expertise, perspective, and attitude of an individual traveler. The affordability of our trips never limits your experience. Let's meet our team in action;

Volunteer Travel Expert India


Coordinator- India Programs

You will have Rahul and our local team in the team who will help and assist you throughout the time. Rahul has an experience of more than 10 years of in the youth travel sector and is a registered expert in the EU for Volunteering  Programs.

Sudha Lamsal, Aii Group Nepal Program Manager1_edited.jpg


Coordinator- Nepal Programs

Meet Sudha, an active coordinator in Nepal for Aii Group. Having experience of more than 07 years in the youth travel segment will assist you in various volunteer and adventure travel programs in Nepal with our local team.

Volunteer Travel Expert Costa Rica


Coordinator- Costa Rica Programs

Lauren will provide you with immense support while traveling to Costa Rica. A responsible travel expert provided support to more than 1000s of travelers on various exotic travel programs in Costa Rica and nearby.

Volunteer Travel Expert Tanzania


Coordinator- Tanzania

Godfrey and Tanzania team will take care of your travel needs in Tanzania whether it's a volunteer trip or any regular trip on weekends. Godfrey is a warm-hearted guy known for his hospitality and loving nature. A social travel activist by profession. 

Volunteer Travel Expert Kenya


Coordinator- Kenya Programs

Johnson, a travel expert, and voluntourism professional will be welcoming you to Kenya with our team. Johnson is also a social worker by heart and profession and helps a lot of our teaching and childcare projects in Kenya.

Volunteer Travel Expert South Africa


Coordinator- South Africa Programs

You will be welcomed in South Africa by our Country Coordinator Kevin. He is an adventurer himself and explores a lot while he has ample time for traveling. An experienced travel entrepreneur and a voluntourism expert.

Our Company Headquarters
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