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Animal Care, Cape Town

Application fee: US $189


Animal rescue center, Cape Town


Volunteer at a facility that rescues abandoned and abused domestic animals, and helps rehabilitate them in the hope of finding them a new loving home. This facility works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need, within a local community located just outside Cape Town city center. The residents of this community live in extreme poverty, well below the poverty line, and this has resulted in a huge problem with stray animals/pets in the area! Due to the tough economic and social situation in this area, these animals are often neglected and left to fend for themselves, often resulting in starvation and/or sickness. Because of this ever-growing problem in the area, this animal rescue center was established. The center is pro-life (everything is done to cure the animals instead of putting them down), a non-profit organization that rescues, cares for, and sterilizes stray dogs and cats, with the hope of eventually finding new loving homes for them. Due to financial constraints, the center is only able to employ a handful of staff – they are therefore heavily dependent on volunteer help and donations.

South Africa Volunteer Project, Aii Group, #volunteerabroad #vol

Volunteer Activities

  • Feed and Play with the Animals​

  • Assist with Rehabilitation Techniques (getting them used to Loving/Caring People again)

  • Cleaning Animal Houses and Kennels

  • Walk the Dogs that are Close to Full Recovery

  • Work on Fundraising Initiatives and Events

Ready for the Animal Care Volunteer Project?

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