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Building & Renovation, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Slum houses and community buildings


We are working in a local slum where there is a need for everything like education, healthcare, awareness, hygiene, and sanitation. We​ have adopted various projects and helped poor families to help them in renovating and repairing their houses to make them for basic living.

Our community buildings mostly schools and orphanages are looking for beautification and repair. The school's classrooms and rooms for kids are plain and boring and need colors to fill in like the dreams they have. 

Hence we are looking for volunteers to help the families and kids to make their premises better living and hygienic by their hard work and imagination.

Volunteer Activities

  1. Visiting and Assessing the Needs of the Beautification & Renovation

  2. Identify the most Required Drawings like Educational Purpose Drawings

  3. Whitewash to the Entire Selected Premises

  4. Small Level Construction Work like Sitting Tables for Children

  5. Boundary Wall Paintings with Motivational Slogans

  6. Making Illustrations of World Map, Body Limbs, etc.

  7. Drawings of Fairy Tales in Smaller Children Classes

  8. Tables, Body Limb Names, etc in Middle-level Classes

  9. Construction of Community Toilets in Slum and Rural Areas for Women & Girls

  10. Construction & Renovation of Previously Built Toilets & Bathrooms for Community People

  11. Repair & Maintenance in Slum Houses

  12. Drainage Building & Maintenance Work in Rural Areas & Slums in India.

Ready for the Building Volunteer Project?

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