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Child Care, Kenya

Application fee: US $189


Children's home and Hope centers, Nairobi


Our children’s homes have over 100 children living in them, this can be due to neglect, poverty, and abandonment. If the parents find themselves in a situation where they can no longer care for their child they will then do what they feel is best for their child and place them in a children’s home.  


Another reason as to why they have such a high number of children is education, school is not free in Kenya, they must pay school fees, buy uniforms and so on, if the family is unable to do this then the child will not attend school.  Some parents want their child to attend school so they will place them in a children’s home, that has a school in its compound and their child will receive an education.  It is the ultimate sacrifice for any parent to make.  They are not all orphans, but they still require the same care and love that an orphan child does. Let's figure out how we can make a difference in their lives by volunteering.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Making Educational Toys and Learning

  • Helping with Homework

  • Fetching Water 
  • Helping with the Laundry

  • Cooking some Kenyan Foods for the Children 

  • Assisting with any Fundraising Initiatives

Ready for the Childcare Volunteer Project?

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