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Child Care, Bolivia

Application fee: US $189


Day Care center for Prisnor's children in Cochabamba, Bolivia


We are providing volunteering support to a daycare that caters to children from 4 to 18 years of age who have at least 1 parent in jail.  The daycare is located next to the prison and operates all day from Monday to Friday.  Most of these children have lived with their parent(s) in the prison (it was allowed by the Bolivian government until 2016).  Now, only children under the age of 6 can stay in the prison with their parents, if no other arrangements can be made.

In this daycare center, the children are taught Fun and educational activities such as reading, playing outdoors and doing arts and crafts all the while learning letters, numbers, manners, etc. Volunteers can carry out a lot of activities for these vulnerable children. Let's explore how you can make a difference in their lives;

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Volunteer Activities

  • Homework help: some children bring their homework to the center and volunteers spend time providing support, guidance, and motivation.

  • Health and Nutrition:  The daycare center provides 2 meals a day as their parents may not be able to provide them at home.

  • Recreation:  Once homework is complete, the educators and volunteers organize fun games, artistic activities, and sports.

  • Psychological support:  The daycare center works with psychologists to support the children who have lived in the prison and/or have been victims of violence.

Ready for the Child Care Volunteer Project?

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