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Child Care, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Daycare Center and Creches


Daycare center project is a facility for the kids from age of 3 to 8 years whose parents are daily wage earners like laborers, rickshaw drivers, vegetable sellers, and unskilled laborers. These government establishments are providing daycare facilities to these kids for 4 to 6 hours a day. The centers are lacking staff, resource materials, and helping hands. 

Orphanage Tourism Policy

After knowing about the adverse effects of Orphanage Tourism, we do not support Orphanage Volunteering at any cost, all the childcare volunteers will be placed in Day Care centers where these children need a lot of help and support from the volunteers.

Aii Group Volunteers (Copyright) (124).j

Volunteer Activities

  • Organizing hygiene activities for the kids (Nail cutting, Haircutting, etc.)

  • Teaching the Kids (Numbers, Alphabets, Spellings, Animal, Fruits, and Vegetable Names, etc.) & Drawing Activities with Educational Plays

  • Art n Craft with/for the Kids, Playing with the Kids (Educational Games), Indoor & Outdoor, Fun-loving Activities for them & Dancing with Kids & Poem, Storytelling

  • Food habits & General Health Practices Teaching (Washing Hands before Eating, after using the Washroom, etc.)

  • Other Tasks allocated by the Center

Ready for the Childcare Volunteer Project?

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