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Volunteer for Children in Need Around the World

Childcare Volunteer Projects

Our Childcare Volunteer Projects

Popular Childcare Volunteer Projects

Providing access to proper early childhood development is the foundation for the sustainable development of nations. Children all across the globe face issues such as a lack of access to a safe home and education, malnutrition, child abuse, and more. 


We aim to help these vulnerable children in international communities by following the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 4. The United Nations has declared 17 goals for nations to achieve in the coming years. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we are trying to support the UN's mission to make this world safer and more empowering for children. Explore locations and projects below, where you can make a positive impact as a volunteer! All students are welcome to volunteer! 

Please note: We have pledged not to support Orphanage Tourism due to the malpractices involved around the world and to save children from these malpractices. We do not provide any kind of Orphanage Volunteering programs.

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