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Child Care, Kathmandu

Application fee: US $189


Day Care Centers and Creches


In Kathmandu, we are working with Day Care Centers that are providing Daycare facilities and education to the children of poor families. The parents are mostly engaged in daily wage-earning.

These children are from the age of 3 years to 08 years of mixed genders.​ The children have very limited resources like books, games, and stationery.

Hence we are looking for volunteers who can devote their time, hard work, and love to these vulnerable kids. The duties are given below that we are expecting from you;


Volunteer Activities

  • Organizing Hygiene Activities for the Kids (Nail cutting, Haircutting, etc.)

  • Teaching the Kids (Numbers, Alphabets, Spellings, Animal, Fruits, and Vegetable Names, etc.) & Drawing Activities with Educational Plays

  • Art n Craft with/for the Kids, Playing with the Kids (Educational Games), Indoor & Outdoor, Fun-loving activities for them & Dancing with Kids & Poem, Storytelling

  • Food habits & General Health Practices Teaching (Washing Hands before Eating, after using the Washroom, etc.)

  • Helping the Local Staff in Preparing Food for the Kids

  • Helping the Local Staff in Making/Updating Documentation of the Kids

  • Promoting Girl Child Education in the Local Community Area etc.

Ready for the Childcare Volunteer Project?

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