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Community Development, Puerto Jimenez

Application fee: US $189


Community Center, Library, Animal Care center, Beach Cleaning Project,  Women Empowerment, Indigenous Community PReservation in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


Travel to the rural southern zone of Osa, Costa Rica. We have a beautiful jungle but lack some infrastructure. While the tourist areas and capital city of San Jose are beautiful and up-to-date, the poorer rural areas are often run down and fall far behind the capital city. This is especially true at schools in rural communities, where people do not have the skill sets or money to do basic repairs.


Join our community development project in which participants have the opportunity to improve the local community through the local library, the community center, women’s empowerment, beach cleanups, planting trees, stray animal help, an indigenous tribe cultural preservation, assist in all-inclusive accessibility beach, bottle cap ramp for
wheelchair accessibility on the beach, fixing up homes, schools, community areas, or public buildings- your coordinator will place you at the project that is in need of help at your time of arrival. As a participant, you will help in a variety of ways to make improvements within the local community. In the past, our participants have had a positive effect on the community, and the local citizens really appreciate the

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Volunteer Activities

  • Teaching at Community Center

  • Women Empowerment 

  • Local Indigenous Community Development

  • Helping in Stray Animal Shelter

  • Beach Cleaning Tasks

  • Fixing Homes, and other Community Buildings

Ready for the Community Development Volunteer Project?

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