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Volunteer in Ciudad Corte

A dream destination for those looking for sunny beaches with warm tropical waters and diverse sea life

Volunteer in Ciudad Cortes

Ciudad Cortes, or Cortez City, is just 10 kilometers from the stunning Pacific coast in the Rio Grande de Terraba Valley. Formerly known as Puerto Cortes, Ciudad Cortes is lush with green vegetation that surrounds the Rio Grande de Terraba and is near some of Costa Rica's most pristine beaches. The city is easily accessible from the Costanera Highway, making it simple to travel to other top destinations in this region.

Our amazing volunteer projects are in Cortez City which is within minutes of Palmar Norte, the closest large city, which is home to one of the most mysterious attractions in the country. Pre-Columbian stone spheres were discovered here after a crew was trying to clear land for banana plantations. Let's check out what is there for you;

Available Volunteer Projects in Ciudad Cortes

  1. Healthcare, Elderly Home, Physical Therapy, Pre-Nursing, Occupational Therapy

  2. Teaching and Childcare in Government-run Daycare Centers

  3. Community Development, Beach Clean-up, Women Empowerment, Stray Animals Help, etc.

  4. Environmental Conservation and Beach

  5. Special Needs Children Care with the Help of Animal Therapy

Popular Volunteer Projects in Ciudad Cortes

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