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Medical & Healthcare, Cape Town

Application fee: US $189


Community clinics, Cape Town


Volunteers are placed in local Community day-clinics. Most of the medical clinics are understaffed and there is a lack of resources therefore this can be a very stressful and challenging environment to work in. These Clinics are government-funded facilities for people who cannot afford private medical care. There are no overnight patients and no major operations are done here – these are referred to bigger hospitals. Opening Times - Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 to 16:00.


Volunteer Activities

  • Prep-Room Duties – Blood and Urine Testing, Body Measurements such as Weight, Temperature, Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure, etc.

  • Baby Clinic Duties

  • Admin/Reception Duties and Updating of Patient Files/Records

  • Assist with Pharmacy Duties – Prescription and Dispensing of Medicines

  • Observation Work with Doctors and Therapists

  • Assist with Fundraising and Medical Awareness Programs

Please note: Due to SA law, volunteers (regardless of the level of qualification or experience) may not diagnose or treat patients directly, even if done under the supervision of a local doctor or nurse.

Special requirements

Copy of passport; Police Criminal Clearance Certificate; Proof of Medical Study or Qualification; 2 Weeks Minimum Volunteer Period

Ready for the Medical & Healthcare Volunteer Project?

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