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Elephant Care, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Elephant Village, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Elephants are not native animals of the Rajasthan state and they were brought to this state at the time of the reign of Maharajas. These elephants are provided a separate place that is situated around 30 kilometers from Jaipur suburbs, called Elephant Village. Here are all the Elephants who are available are living with their mahouts and have separate shelters for each of them.

This is more of an experience rather than volunteering for this gentle giant. If you are looking for experience with volunteering to serve this great mammal then you can join our round this round year project. Here you will be helping the mahout (caretaker) in day-to-day activities for the elephant starting from bathing till feeding and cleaning the areas. In your free time, you can teach the kids and families of mahouts.

Volunteer activities

  1. Interaction with the Mahouts & Identifying their Areas of Help related to Elephants

  2. Cleaning the Elephant's Shelter

  3. Assist the Mahout while Bathing an Elephants

  4. Foot Trimming of Elephants & Feeding the sugarcanes to them on Mahout's Instructions

  5. Making Food Bundles

  6. Learning the Language of Elephants to Understand their Needs

  7. Teaching the Mahouts Children

  8. Other Help Asked by the Mahouts

Ready for the Elephant Care Volunteer Project?

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