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Girls Empowerment, Pushkar

Application fee: US $189


Community School for Girls for Free Education


In the beautiful holy town Pushkar, we are working with a school that is providing free education, books, stationery, and further scholarship to girls from the below poverty line. The school is a result of the hard work of Miss Mara and Mr. Deepu who are the main founders and caretakers of the school. The school needs dedicated volunteers who can help with completing the school syllabus can organize different activities for these girls, like empowerment, women's rights, women's hygiene, computer skills, foreign language, etc.

Hence, we are looking for dedicated volunteers who can take this challenge and contribute their different ideas to empower these young girls.


Volunteer Activities

  • Teaching English, Maths, Science, Geography

  • Teaching them about Culinary Hygiene & Educating them about Women Rights

  • Helping the Local Staff with Documentation

  • Teaching them about Preparing Budget for Home

  • Aware them about Getting Loan to Start their own Small Ventures

  • Teaching Foreign Languages

  • Teaching Karate, Martial Arts, and Self-Defence 

  • Other Activities Initiated by the Individual Volunteer

Ready for the Girls Empowerment Volunteer Project?

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