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Health Care & Dental Care, Nairobi

Application fee: US $189


Dental Hospital, Nairobi


The hospital system in Kenya is very different from a westernized hospital. Here you will be working with fewer resources and a higher influx of sick patients. The experience you will gain working in a third-world country will be life-changing to your practice at home. The insurance and billing system is drastically different from any first world country and you will also gain knowledge in all areas of the hospital including, charting, hospital flow, billing, record keeping, and patient care.


Luckily, most Kenyans all speak Swahili and English so if English is one of your languages it will be easy to communicate to your patient. As we are partnered with hospitals in different areas all helping treat the less fortunate. The staff is very welcoming and will teach you in any area you wish to learn as long as you come in with an open mind and are willing to help. 

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Volunteer Activities

  • Assistance in Labor and Delivery

  • Assistance in Operating Room

  • Assistance in Ambulance Emergency Services

  • Assistance in Family Planning Department

  • Assistance in Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound

  • Assistance in Male and Female Wards

  • Assistance in Gynecological care

  • Assistance in Dentistry Department

  • Assistance in Physical Therapy Department

  • Assistance in Pharmacy, Injections, or Triage


Important: Apply only if you are a Nurse, a Doctor, a Pharmacist, a Therapist, an Imaging Tech, or a Medical/Nursing Student. 

Ready for the Health & Dental Care Volunteer Project?

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