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HIV & AIDS Care, Nairobi

Application fee: US $189


HIV/AIDS care center, Nairobi


Here in this center that is a Care and Support program for HIV/Aids affected and infected, counseling, Feeding program & Legal Aids for children, women, and old age people. The center has short-term and long-term goals to achieve in which the volunteers will help them in their day-to-day activities and initiatives. 

Some of them are like creating income-generating activities for the women, continuing the feeding program for the children and possibly extending to twice weekly, providing clothes to the children and aging people, growing vegetables to sell at the market, to assist older people to access health services, to provide legal aid to the aging people, Initiate social justice and good governance, and to provide medical assistance

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Volunteer Activities

  • Provide Facilities for Aging People to Meet Weekly; get Support and Counseling

  • To carry out Workshops to Educate Women on Women’s Issues and Health-related Subjects

  • Home Visits to Those Unable to Attend our Center due to Illness

  • Feeding Program every Saturday for up to 40 Orphans/Vulnerable Children and Aging People

  • Teaching and Other Tasks Asked by the Local Team

  • Organise Day Trips/Activities

Ready for the HIV/AIDS Care Volunteer Project?

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