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The best Cultural & Recreational Tour in India

India Experience Tour

From Hindi classes to Taj Mahal sunrise views, we have a lot to offer!

India Experience Program

Discover, Immerse, and Connect Deeply

Welcome to a journey of a lifetime! Our India Experience Program is meticulously crafted to provide you with an all-encompassing cultural, educational, and heartwarming adventure in the mesmerizing land of India. Get ready to explore, learn, and create lasting connections with local communities.

Program Highlights:

1. Stay with Host Families: Experience the true essence of Indian hospitality by living with warm and welcoming host families. This unique opportunity allows you to become a part of their daily lives, share stories, and create bonds that will endure far beyond your stay.

2. Weekend Expeditions: Your weekends will be filled with unforgettable adventures to some of India's most iconic destinations:

  • Jaipur: Known as the Pink City, Jaipur boasts historic forts, colorful markets, and a rich cultural heritage.

  • Pushkar: Immerse yourself in the spirituality of this tranquil town, home to sacred ghats and the renowned Brahma Temple.

  • Agra: Stand in awe of the breathtaking Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and explore the grand Agra Fort.

  • Ranthambhore: Embark on thrilling safaris in this tiger reserve, where you may encounter the majestic Bengal tiger in its natural habitat.


3. Cultural Workshops: Dive into the heart of Indian traditions and skills through a series of engaging workshops:

  • Yoga: Discover the ancient practice of yoga, connecting your mind, body, and soul while learning from experienced instructors.

  • Hindi Classes: Gain proficiency in the Hindi language, opening doors to deeper cultural understanding and communication with locals.

  • Cooking Classes: Delve into the tantalizing world of Indian cuisine, mastering the art of creating delectable dishes.

  • Henna Tattoo Classes: Learn the art of intricate henna designs, a beautiful form of body adornment.

  • Indian Dress Workshop: Embrace the elegance of Indian attire by participating in workshops that teach you how to drape a saree or don a kurta.

4. Organization Visits: Engage with the heart and soul of India's humanitarian efforts through visits to local NGOs and initiatives:

  • Jaipur Foot: Witness the incredible work being done to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need.

  • Blue Pottery Workshops: Learn about the intricate craft of Jaipur's famous blue pottery and try your hand at creating your own masterpiece.

  • Women Entrepreneurs: Connect with inspiring women entrepreneurs who are driving change and empowerment in their communities.


5. Free Time Explorations: In your free time, explore local markets, bustling bazaars, serene temples, and vibrant neighborhoods. Engage with friendly locals and deepen your understanding of India's rich diversity.


Program Details:

  • Duration: Choose from 4-week, 6-week, or 8-week programs, offering varying depths of immersion and exploration.

  • Accommodation: Enjoy secure and comfortable housing with host families, enhancing your cultural experience.

  • Support: Our experienced team is available around the clock to offer guidance, support, and assistance throughout your journey.

  • Safety: We prioritize your safety with thorough preparations and local knowledge to ensure a secure and enriching experience.


Why Choose Our Program?

  • Authentic Cultural Immersion: Live as a member of the community, not just a visitor, and form genuine bonds with local people and their customs.

  • Purposeful Travel: This journey isn't just about seeing sights; it's about making a meaningful impact by engaging with local NGOs and communities.

  • Diverse Experiences: From spiritual retreats to wildlife encounters, our program offers a wide array of experiences tailored to your interests.


Join us for an India Experience Program that will broaden your horizons, enrich your perspective, and leave you with a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of India.


Embark on your unforgettable Indian adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Price of the trip

US $899

(Inclusive of all taxes and GST)​

Services Included in the Trip


Jaipur Airport (Arrive at any time)


Clean and hygienic Host family/hostel Accommodation on a sharing basis

21 Days Accommodation is included


All meals included (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) for 21 Days

All meals will be balanced, rich in protein, and healthy for your body and mind

City Tours, Excursions and Monuments


Sunrise Visit of the Taj Mahal and Red Fort

City Tour and Local Bazaar Visit

Fatehpur Sikri visit


Sightseeing of the Heritage Sites (Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Albert Hall, Birla Temple, Nahargarh Fort)

Local Handicraft Market Visit

Experience with Elephants in an Elephant Farm in Jaipur


A Walk in the narrow streets of Pushkar and Visit to the only temple of Lord Brahma

A Ritual at Pushkar Lake by a Brahmin

Camel Safari to the Desert

Desert Camping in Pushkar with Dinner under the Open Sky


Tiger Safari in Ranthambhore

Adventure, Activities, and Cultural Immersion

Yoga in Jaipur

A Hindu Temple Visit in Pushkar

Elephant Safari Jaipur

Visiting Social Organizations

Camel Safari in Pushkar

Desert Camping in Pushkar

Hindi Language Workshop in Jaipur

Indian Dress wear Trials in Jaipur

A Bollywood Movie Show in Jaipur

Indian Cooking classes in Jaipur

Other cultural workshops

Transportation and Taxes

All Kinds of Transportation including TukTuk Rides, Bus rides, Trains, taxis, etc. are included

All the taxes GST, Toll taxes, Parking and others are included

Drop at the End

No drop will be provided at the end of the trip

We can arrange a paid transportation like Tuk-Tuk or Taxi for you 

Dates of the Trip

Any Saturday

Minimum Participants to Operate

  • We try to create a group of a minimum of 02 people to operate the trip

  • If you are solo or a couple or a group of friends, don't worry we will make a group of like-minded people 

  • Our average group size is 16 participants from the age group of 18 to 65 years

  • We receive Participants from Spain, the UK, the USA, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Canada, etc.


Services Not Included in the Trip

  1. Flights to India

  2. Visa Fee 

  3. Travel Insurance

  4. Medical Assistance in case of an Emergency

  5. Personal Expenses

  6. Airport Drop at the end of the Trip

  7. All others that are not mentioned in the above list of ' Services Included in the Trip' 

Cancellation and Refunds

To book this trip You only have to pay US$250 in advance to reserve your spot. We create a group on Whatsapp and Facebook for all the participants to know each other and interact to exchange information. Once we receive the 08 participants in total we create the group and send you the final date-wise itinerary. You are requested to book the flights and get the visa at least a month before the departure date.

We will help you to buy cheap flight tickets, get a visa, taking the travel insurance for the trip. Once you pay the advance deposit of US$250 we will send you the packing list according to the group date you have chosen. We have very limited seats on each group date. In case you have any questions, please send us an email at or talk to our Itinerary specialist Mr. Raul at +91 8209934881 or +91 9950525405 (Whatsapp calls are free ;) 

Get ready for this incredible and Healing Experience after COVID-19 pandemic. See you soon!

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