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Medical and healthcare, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Slum medical and healthcare center


Our slum clinic is established to provide healthcare, nursing, and medical facilities at very affordable prices. The doctor has devoted his career and medical practice towards the slum families and people who cannot afford medical services. Also, family planning, kids nutrition, and pregnancy emergency services are provided.

Hence we are looking for volunteers to help in day-to-day medical services, check-up camps, and help the doctor and staff in taking care of the patients on a daily basis.

Volunteer Activities

  1. Helping in Nursing Care of the Patients

  2. Support the Staff in Operations of the Center

  3. Assist the Patients in Daily Needs

  4. Organize or be part of Health Check-up Camps in Schools and Other Centers

  5. Aware the Local Residents about the Health Care

  6. Motivate the Slum People to Come for Free Check-ups in the Camps

  7. Seminar on Women Hygiene & Care

  8. Instruct the Children about Daily Cleaning (Teeth Cleaning, Bathing, etc.)

  9. Motivate Children for Daily Physical Exercises to keep them Fit

  10. Educate the Parents about the Benefits of a Nutritious Diet & Balanced Food Habits

  11. Best Health Practices to be Initiated by the Volunteers

Ready for the Medical Volunteer Project?

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