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Monks Teaching, Kathmandu

Application fee: US $189


Kathmandu Monastery


We are working with Kathmandu Monastery to help monks to learn English and other subjects. In this monastery, there are 32 monks from ages 6 - 15. They have come from very remote parts of Nepal - some are orphans, many are poor. In the morning and evening, they are involved in prayer, chanting, and memorizing scripts. During the day they do schoolwork. Volunteers can assist the monks with their homework and teach the English language. This is a great experience for those interested in learning about Tibetan Buddhism or teaching kids.


Volunteer Activities

  1. Teaching English (Tenses, Grammar Part, Speaking, Pronunciation, Introduction, etc.)

  2. Teaching Mathematics (Basic)

  3. Helping the Slow Learners

  4. Inviting them to Learn Through Illustrations

  5. Create Some New and Graphical form of Teaching

  6. Outdoor Games

  7. Educational Games

  8. Introduce your Country to them, about Art, Culture, and Heritage/Modernity to Expand their Knowledge about the World

  9. Helping the Local Monastery Staff in Taking Care of the Monastery

Ready for the Monks Teaching Volunteer Project?

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