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Yout Travel Partner

Become a Part of the US320 Billion Youth Travel Industry by Joining Hands with us!

Are You Ready for Youth Travel?

Understand What is Youth Travel?

Youth travel is travel by youth. Unlike typical vacations, youth travel is motivated by several factors, including the desire to experience other cultures, build unique life experiences, and benefit from formal and informal learning opportunities from other countries, including education or work abroad.

Youth travel is becoming increasingly more important within global tourism. In the 1990s, it represented 15% of the tourism market, with it increasing to 20% in the last decade, and expected to reach 25% in the near future. A conservative estimate predicts that the youth, student, and educational travel market will reach 300 million arrivals by 2020 and represent US$320 billion in market value.

Why Partnering with us?

We are a growing organization and started with only 01 location in India in 2013 to now having more than 10 destinations abroad in different continents with more than 100s of youth trips like Adventure Travel, Volunteering, Gap Year, Regular Student trips, Educational and Leadership Travel programs and many more.

By partnering with us, you will get access to all our programs and locations and will be a certified Aii Group's 'Certified Travel Advisor (CTAs) and can start working with us. You will be authorized to meet Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Corporate Groups, Religious Organizations, and other Potential travelers who can purchase our travel through you. If you are passionate about this and can see the real potential, you will be authorized to host and organize the events to give presentations about our upcoming trips and tours too. All you have to do is reach out to the maximum potential travelers.

How you can be a 'Certified Travel Advisor' (CTAs)?

We receive a lot of applications and interests from Independent entrepreneurs, NGOs, and organizations who want to work with us as CTAs. We carefully review their applications, conduct zoom sessions to know about their Marketing strategies, and also train them on business and sales parts. We also provide them the Digital Marketing Materials to use for promotions once we sign the 'Working Agreement as a CTA'. 

Before filling out the below application form to become a CTA, please make sure that you are ready for this because training a CTA is a rigorous process and we spend a lot of time enhancing their Digital marketing and sales skills. If you are ready, we are ready too; Lets go ahead and reach out to us;

Apply to become a CTA now!

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