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How to do Volunteer Work more effectively?

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Get ready for a rewarding #VolunteeringExperience

Just by doing some little efforts and a nice observation can change the impact of your volunteer work completely. Yes! its right, after choosing a credible volunteer organization you will be able to visit the projects before making any project plan.

In our organization we carry out the activities in a way that gives proper rest to an #internationalvolunteer and they start their volunteer experience with fresh mind and mood.

Piece of advice to #futurevolunteers

The first day that is called 'Observation day' is very important for volunteers to decide their further plan and course of action. On the observation day you will be visiting the project site with your supervisor and you will be meeting the children, women, elderly or the beneficiaries of the project that you have chosen. Make sure you;

  • Ask the background of the beneficiaries

  • Day to day project activities

  • Project schedule and result of previous volunteers efforts

  • The lacking of the project and how to improve that

  • The dire and immediate need of the project

  • Resources available on the project site

Once you note down all these important information about the #volunteerproject, you can make a proper plan for the rest of your volunteer duration. We suggest to make the plan while sitting with the local team who is organizing your volunteer vacation or volunteer experience.

Your plan should have all the minute details of the project site and you should come up with a solution of the need that you can fulfill through your skills and expertise. Volunteers come from different countries and backgrounds, they know their area of expertise and the skill-set they possess. The plan must be in accordance with their core expertise area. The volunteers can include the following research and tools to make a proper long-lasting and impactful plan;

If you are looking for some assistance or help to create a sustainable plan for your volunteer project, please contact us for support and more ideas at and to join our volunteer abroad programs, please visit us at

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