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Lucia is helping the community in the slums

Medical volunteering in India
Medical volunteer Lucia is checking a patient in the slums of india

Lucia, our #medicalvolunteer from Spain is helping out healthcare facility in the slums in India. Lucia is a MBBS doctor and practicing general medicine in Spain.

Lucia is not only helping the Doctor in the hospital but also checking patients, providing them prescriptions, helping the local nursing staff in understanding the patients more and other relevant tasks she is helping us in our medical project.

Her social travel is helping a lot of people to get healthcare facility in the most vulnerable community that is slums where the community is lacking in getting basic amenities to live and survive like clean water, sanitation and hygiene, proper living conditions and many more. We can't change their living conditions as we have limited resources but we can bring our #superstar #volunteers who are helping them to get good treatment.

Apart from that Lucia is also taking part in cultural workshops like Indian dress workshop, Indian cooking session, Hindi lessons workshop and weekend travel program. Her experience in India is getting richer day by day. We thank you Lucia for her #volunteerabroad trip to India.

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