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Social Welfare, Cape Town

Application fee: US $189


Youth centers, Special schools, Cape Town


Our Social Welfare volunteer program consists of Children's Homes, Youth Care facilities, Special Needs Schools, facilities that care for physically and mentally disabled people, and other places of safety for vulnerable children. These types of facilities are in short supply in SA, and even when they are available, can often prove too expensive for many locals to afford.

With patients and residents of these facilities requiring a lot of personal one-on-one attention, Government-owned facilities simply do not have the funds to employ more staff. For this reason, volunteer help is vital for their existence. Volunteers in this sector need to have a strong passion for this type of work (working with special needs children and adults) and must be prepared to work flexible hours, according to the needs of the specific project. Schools run according to normal hours, however, other facilities may only require volunteers in the afternoons/evenings.

Special Requirements

Copy of passport; CV; Motivational Letter; Police Criminal Clearance Certificate; Study or experience in the field is preferred; Between 4-8 weeks minimum volunteer period, depending on project/facility.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Feeding, Clothing, and Playing with the Children

  • Assist with After-School Activities or Homework

  • Meal Preparation and Feeding

  • Occassional Cleaning Duties, Especially in Childrens Homes

  • Assist with Transporting Children (bus) to and from their Home

  • Help Teachers and Staff with Outings and Excursions

  • Assist with Fundraising Events and Initiatives

Ready for the Social Welfare Volunteer Project?

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