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Special Children Care, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Special schools for multiple disabilities in kids


The special school is a center that provides special education, motor skills, physical activity training, reading and writing, vocational training to special kids who are diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Panic attacks, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral issues, and other physical disformities. 

The center has basic resources and funding to provide proper attention and care to these kids. Because every kid is different from each other hence their requirements are quite unique.

Hence we are looking for volunteers to work as caretakers and can assist the teachers and trainers in various day-to-day routines including teaching, care, and activities.

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Volunteer Activities

  1. Helping the Teachers in the Classrooms

  2. Helping the Kids in Writing and Holding Pen/Pencils and Books

  3. Helping in Feeding them during Lunchtime

  4. Assisting the Trainers in Various Activities like Indoor Games and Outdoor Games

  5. Art and Craft with the Kids

  6. Music and Dance Activities

  7. Motor Skills with the Help of the Trainers

  8. Other Activities Requested by the Center

Ready for the Special Children Care Volunteer Project?

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