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Special Needs Children, Kenya

Application fee: US $189


Centers for special care children, Nairobi


Special Needs Children in Kenya are just starting to be recognized as human beings now, but if you had a child that was born with a disability you were exiled from your family if you didn’t give your child up and put them in a children’s home. This is their culture and we cannot ever try to change it, that needs to come from within the country itself.

These kids are not orphans but are highly neglected and malnourished because of their cultural identity of them as cursed and the sins of previous lives. We are trying to make a difference by educating the local communities and their parents about their situation is because of diseases that can be cured not because of any spiritual or religious causes. Our volunteers are making a lot of difference in their lives by providing attention, care, and love in these centers.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Educating the Special Needs Children with Proper Attention and Care

  • Help them in Walking and doing Regular Day to Day Activities

  • Helping them in Eating and Cleaning

  • Helping the Staff in Preparing the Food

  • Helping in Cleaning the Center

  • Organizing Awareness Campaigns

  • Raising Funds for the Centers

Ready for the Special Needs Children Volunteer Project?

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