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Sports & Physical training, Cape Town

Application fee: US $189


Primary School, Cape Town


The Physical Education program runs in conjunction with our Primary Schools where Volunteers are placed at local public/government schools. The majority of the Schools do not have the equipment to conduct a Sports Programme and volunteers are to be flexible and use their initiative. Volunteers will only have 1-3 periods of Physical Education per day, approximately 1-2 hours only and the rest of the day they will be required to assist the Teachers in the classroom with lessons. This can vary depending on the activities planned for the day, or the volunteer’s creativity and initiative to conduct their own Physical Education lessons with the children.

Special Requirements

Copy of passport; Police Criminal Clearance Certificate; 2 weeks minimum volunteer period

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Volunteer Activities

  • Plan, Coordinate, and Run Physical Education Classes

  • Assist with Training/Practice for School Sports Days

  • Occasionally Assist in the Classroom when Sports are not Available (exam time, etc.)

  • Assist with School Fundraising Initiatives and Events

Ready for the Sports Volunteer Project?

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