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Street Children Project, Kenya

Application fee: US $189


Street Teaching Project, Nairobi


Join us working hands and feet on the street alongside the women, babies, and children who live on the streets of Kenya. Volunteering with our street children program will give you the opportunity to help one or more children who are living their lives daily on the street. These children do not have family, they live, eat and sleep on the streets and in parks. They can often be found begging in downtown the city center where they can sometimes be harassed and arrested, by helping to feed them we can take some of that pressure off them.


Be prepared to see the stark reality of how these children survive from day to day. Be prepared to commit to volunteering for a minimum of 4 weeks. You will never be alone on this project but we do caution that you should also be prepared to be asked for money while downtown in the city of Nairobi. Be self-motivated and goal orientated. Have an open mind and not judge these children, as they did not choose to live their lives on the street.

Volunteer Activities

  • Finding Children on the Street and Encourage them to get Education

  • Planning Teaching Syllabus for Children so that they can Start Learning

  • Help the Local Staff in Preparing Food for Children

  • Spend Good Time with Children so that they feel like they Matter a lot

  • Encourage Children not to Beg and Teach them Arts and Crafts so that they can Understand the Value of Education

  • Other Tasks Allocated by the Local Team

Ready for the Street Children Volunteer Project?

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