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Teaching, Pushkar

Application fee: US $189


Community schools 


The holy town Pushkar is known for its spirituality, people, holiness, and free spirit. The school we are working with is a small-sized school providing education up to secondary education. The school is a vision of an education enthusiast who has been struggled and education made him succeed the way he is now today. The school is lacking English tutors and would like to start a foreign language as an extra language that can provide a bright future to the students in the coming future.

Hence, we are looking for dedicated and compassionate volunteers who can teach English, any other foreign language, art and craft, sports, or any other skill that can help them in the coming future.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Teaching English (Tenses, Grammar Part, Speaking, Pronunciation, Introduction and Making Bio-data, etc.)

  • Teaching Mathematics (According to the Standard of the Students, Class-wise Syllabus)

  • Teaching a Foreign Language

  • Helping the Teachers in Completing the Syllabus

  • Helping the Students in Completing the Home-work

  • Problem-solving sessions with Students

  • Encouraging the Girl Child Education in the School

  • Helping the Slow Learner

  • Group-discussion Sessions with the Students & Teachers

  • Teaching the Students about the Hazardous Effects of Tobacco Chewing, Smoking, Intoxication, etc.

  • Other Activities Initiated by the Individual Volunteer

Ready for the Teaching Volunteer Project?

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