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Teaching Project, Bolivia

Application fee: US $189


Community School in Cochabamba, Bolivia


We are partnered with the schools in communities to provide teaching assistance. The result is an improved formal education for the children of the communities we already serve. Here these schools are lacking with funds and resources and teachers are underpaid that's why their qualification level is not up to the mark and it is affecting the overall development of the children in so many ways.

Volunteers will play a very important role here in these schools by setting an example of proper teaching with a lot of creative ideas that make learning more fun and educative rather than the same old track routine. We request volunteers to bring and investigate some creative teaching methodologies that can bring sustainable results. Let's explore how you can make a difference in their lives;

Teaching in Bolivia_edited.jpg

Volunteer Activities

  • Assisting the teacher during the classroom

  • Helping the kids in their class-work

  • Computer teaching

  • Art and craft

  • Dance and music

  • Physical training and other outdoor sports

  • Indoor games, drawing and other creative activities

  • New ideas developed and brought by the volunteers itself

Ready for the Teaching Volunteer Project?

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