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Teaching, Puerto Jimenez

Application fee: US $189


Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


The opportunity to study English is highly valued in the communities we work with. Whether they are teaching English abroad, supporting the instruction of other subjects, or extracurricular activities. The students are eager to learn and participate. Many
classrooms are overcrowded with a single teacher. Other rooms are left empty because there is no money to pay teachers. However, there are countless eager students who want and deserve an education. For countries like Costa Rica with minimal financial resources, it can be challenging to provide adequate education to students. Children, teenagers, and
young adults in these communities are very grateful for the opportunity to practice their conversation skills and learn grammar with native English speakers. Participants are placed in local schools, and/or community centers. Public schools in Costa Rica are closed from the third week of December until the second week of February with a 2 week holiday beginning on the first week of July. If participants arrive while public schools are closed, they will teach to members of the community. Depending on the community needs volunteers will either teach workshops to adults or children in English or be placed at a local school or community center.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Teaching English or Another Skill Set,

  • Activities Coordinator at After School Program,

  • Working with Young Children and Babies at Government-Run Welfare Day Care.

  • Teaching Art and Craft to the Children

  • Playing Indoor and Outdoor Games

  • Organizing Activities like Dance and Music

  • Other Help asked by the Centers

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