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Teaching Project, Tanzania

Application fee: US $189


Pre-primary and primary schools in Arusha


We are helping private schools, public schools, and orphanage schools. The majority of the schools we place volunteers in are constantly understaffed and are always in need of new volunteers. In this program, volunteers can choose whether to be a solo teacher in the classroom or assist local teachers. The common subjects that are taught include English, Math, Social Studies, Art, Science, and Physical Education. Most schools have a total number of children ranging from 140 to 300, the children’s ages range from 3 years to 13 years. Most schools select their children from the surrounding area from low-income families but also accept orphans who are in great need.


Volunteers will teach classes depending on their education, confidence, and experiences. Volunteers DO NOT need to be qualified or experienced teachers.

Volunteer opportunities exist with Mkombozi’s mobile school, youth outreach program, vocational training center as well as event outings and general administration duties. Volunteers must be emotionally mature, able to manage stressful situations, and project a positive image to young people.

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Volunteer Activities

  • Teaching general subjects like English, Mathematics, Civics, Science, Geography, etc.

  • Drawing and art and craft

  • Physical training and outdoor sports

  • Vocational training (If any volunteer is interested in)

  • Dance and music classes

  • Foreign languages like Spanish, French, German, etc.

  • Teaching Computers (Microsoft Office, Internet, Social media, etc.)

  • Business skills (business idea development, bookkeeping, budgeting).

Ready for the Teaching Volunteer Project?

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