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Women Empowerment, Jaipur

Application fee: US $189


Slum Women Empowerment Center 


Our Slum Women Empowerment project is formulated for illiterate labor class women to educate them on the basic level and also teach them about basic female hygiene. Here we need volunteers to help these women realize their basic rights against Dowry, harassment, domestic violence, and more and contribute towards their growth and independence.   

At our Slum Women Empowerment Center, we are looking to provide small-scale vocational pieces of training such as Candle Making, Stitching, art and craft, and more to these women to become financially independent. Hence, we are looking for dedicated volunteers who can assist and contribute their different ideas.

Volunteer Activities

  • Interaction with the Women Groups

  • Assisting the Instructor in Special Activities Organized for Women like Sewing, Stitching

  • Teaching General Math & English

  • Teaching about Culinary Hygiene & Educating them about Women Rights

  • Helping the Local Staff with Documentation

  • Helping in Exploring the new Ways of Earning Money & Getting Financial Freedom

  • Teaching about Preparing Budget for Home

  • Aware them about Getting Loan to Start Their Own Small Ventures like Boutique, Grocery Stores, Stitching Classes

  • Teaching them Computers and Internet so that they will be able to sell their Hand-made Items, Products

  • Other Activities Initiated by the Individual Volunteer

Ready for the Women Empowerment Volunteer Project?

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