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Women Empowerment

Volunteer to Empower Adolescents Girls and Group of Women all around the World

Women Empowerment Volunteer Project

Equality of access to and attainment of educational qualifications is necessary if more women are to become agents of change. Literacy of women is an important key to improving health, nutrition, and education in the family and to empowering women to participate in decision-making in society. Some countries in Asia and Africa are still facing discrimination and violence against women and adolescent girls.

We aim to empower these vulnerable women and adolescent girls in international communities by following United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 5 aims to grant women and girls equal rights, opportunities to live free without discrimination including workplace discrimination or any violence. This is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. The United Nations has declared 17 goals for nations to achieve in the coming years. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we are trying to support the UN's mission to make this world safer and more empowering for for women and girls' children.

Explore locations and projects below, where you can make a positive impact as a volunteer! All students are welcome to volunteer! 

Our Women Empowerment Volunteer Projects

Popular Women Empowerment Destinations

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